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Prayer Calendar for July 2020

01 Pray for all those facing addictions to drugs or alcohol.  May God lead them to seek help and forgive them when they make mistakes.
02 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Bob Patrick (7/1), D.J. Rasner (7/2), Jared Howard (7/7), Andrea Fluegel (7/11), Tammy Barthels (7/11), Ann Gonyea (7/12), and Brenda Greenwald (7/14).
03 Pray for Licensed Lay Ministers who celebrate their birthdays this month: Micah Cavaleri (7/2).
04 Pray for our nation as we celebrate independence this day.  May God guide our nation’s leaders to work for the rights, welfare, and dignity of people everywhere.
05 Pray for the members of Gloria Dei! Lutheran Church, Arnold, MD; Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bel Air, MD; Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD; and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Wilmington, DE.
06 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month:  Dean Peterson (7/6), Jennie Johnson Wrege (7/7), Mark Laatsch (7/7), Stacy Pethke (7/7), Ann Gonyea (7/8), Ken Michaelis (7/9), Norm Peterson (7/9), Steven Anderson (7/9), Keith Kolstad (7/9), Nicole Hanson-Lynn (7/9), Ingmar Levin (7/10), D.J. Rasner (7/10), and Kayla Keilholtz (7/10).
07 Pray for planters. May God bless all those who grow food on farms and in backyards. May God bless those whose plants provide beauty for all who pass by..
08 Pray for men and women in the armed forces who are away from their homes and stand in harm’s way and for their families who miss them. May God’s peace fill their hearts and may they return home safely.
09 Pray for those in nursing homes and care facilities across our Synod and for their families who wish they could visit more than sometimes seems possible. May God fill them with a Spirit of hope and good cheer.
10 Pray that we may be good stewards of all the lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls that grace this Synod. May God teach us how to keep them clean and beautiful for future generations.
11 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month:  Gerald Anderson (7/17), Devon Barrix (7/24), and Raymond Korry (7/27).
12 Pray for all clergy in transition as they move to new calls, make transitions to new communities, and navigate the complications of COVID-19 restrictions.
13 Pray for ministries in transition and congregations who are seeking rostered leaders to serve them, especially Mission United Lutheran Church in Pelkie, Immanuel Lutheran in Escanaba, and Bethany Lutheran in Republic.
14 Pray for our Synod Staff as they meet today to plan and coordinate events and activities throughout our Synod.
15 Pray for members of Yombo Lutheran Church, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and their partner congregation Immanuel Lutheran Church, Negaunee, MI.
16 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Gerald Anderson (7/20), Scott Ehle (7/21), Allan Johnson (7/25), David Tielbar (7/25), Jim Duehring (7/26), Katherine Finegan (7/28), and Avery Carr (7/29).
17 Pray for refugees around the world. May God bring them to safety as they flee from war zones, violence, and natural disasters. May God teach us compassion and help us to care for those who have lost so much.
18 Pray that we can help children discover the joy of reading this summer.  May God show us ways to use local libraries and to share our books with others.
19 Pray for firefighters, police officers, first responders, and others who put themselves in harm’s way to help and protect others. May God give them a Spirit of courage and wisdom, compassion and patience, as they respond to tense situations.
20 Pray for educational administrators at elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and seminaries as they make plans for the fall amid concerns of new coronavirus surges.
21 Pray for those with macular degeneration and other visual impairments. May God keep them safe, bless medical researchers with new ideas for treatment, and provide them with caregivers to help them negotiate in the midst of a sighted world.
22 On this day when we remember St. Mary Magdalene, pray for all those who boldly tell their stories of encountering our living Lord, Jesus Christ. May God bless them with the words they need so that those who listen hear the Good News of new life in Jesus.
23 Pray for youth and families who struggle with hunger during the summer when schools are not providing meals. May God show them where resources are available. May God help us to be generous in our caring for them.
24 Pray for Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp as the staff looks ahead and makes plans for the fall and the future of their ministry.
25 Pray prayers of thanks for the sunshine and the rain, the birds and the flowers, the smell of fresh mown grass. May we all be filled with the Spirit of thankfulness this summer.
26 Pray for those who struggle with gender orientation and identity. May God bless them with peace and confidence in who God has created them to be. May God fill their lives with people who understand and support them in all they do.
27 Pray for all who participate in county fairs – those who bring entries, those who work at booths and concession stands, those who judge entries, and those who enjoy the carnivals and shows. May God bless them with all they need along the way.
28 Pray for caregivers everywhere who grow weary from carrying burdens for loved ones who can no longer care for themselves. May God give them strength and respite.
29 Pray for loggers and state and national forest service workers as they care for our beautiful Northwoods.
30 On this International Day of Friendship, pray for all your friends and then also pray for all your enemies.
31 Pray for the members of Grace English Lutheran Church, Lutherville, MD; Grace of God Lutheran Church, Millsboro, DE; Grace Lutheran Church, Easton, MD; and Grace Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD.

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