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Prayer Calendar for August 2019

01 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Jared Howard (8/1), Paul Raappana (8/06), Diane Srutowski (8/06), John Ansell (8/10), Bucky Beach (8/11), Cori Johnson (8/13), and Jim Duehring (8/18).
02 Pray for members of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Myersville, MD; St. Mark Lutheran Church, Snydersburg, MD; St. Mark Lutheran Church, (St. Paul Street), Baltimore, MD; and St. Mark Lutheran Church, Wilmington, DE.
03 Pray for Molly Eversoll as she is ordained today in Roscoe, IL. She has been called to Messiah Lutheran in Marquette as the Associate Pastor. Bishop Katherine Finegan is presiding at this ordination.
04 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Rell Spickerman (8/16), Diane Srutowski (8/17), Bill Jacobson (8/19), and John Ansell (8/21).
05 Pray for all who are attending our ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee, beginning today and going through August 10. May the Holy Spirit guide them as the make decisions and plans for the future, and may God guide the elections of Presiding Bishop and ELCA Secretary.
06 Pray for women who give children up for adoption and families who adopt children into their homes.
07 Pray for a solution to the rampant gun violence in our country.
08 Pray for Licensed Lay Ministers who celebrate their birthdays this month: Sharon Babbitt (8/25).
09 Pray for High School Students as they begin practices for fall sports – may they be safe and healthy as they compete.
10 Pray for Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp and the Summer Staf fas they close the summer camping season. May their travels be safe and their homecomings happy.
11 Pray for men and women in the armed forces and their families who miss them and sometimes struggle in everyday life without those they love.
12 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Gene Wickman (8/23), Craig Mansur (8/28), Devon Barrix (8/28), Dave Christenson (8/29), and Doug Norquist (8/30).
13 Pray for our NGLS Staff  as they meeting today at our Synod Office and coordinate ministries within our Synod.
14 Pray for the Bi-Synodical Candidacy Team as they meet in Tomahawk, WI, today. May they feel the Spirit moving in their midst.
15 Pray for our Synod Committees for Lay School in Mission/Licensed Lay Ministry and Young Adult Ministry as they meet in Marquette today to plan for ministries in our Synod.
16 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Jesse Brown (8/21), Matt Lamb (8/23), Andrea Fluegel (8/24), and Eleanor Russey (8/27). 
17 Pray for our Synod Endowment Board as they meet today at First Lutheran in Gladstone.
18 Pray for Pastor Jim Deuhring, Assistant to the Bishop, as he attends the Mission Developer/DEM meeting in Baltimore, MD, today through the 23rd.
19 Pray for members of St. Martin Lutheran Church, Annapolis, MD; St. Mary Lutheran Church, Westminster, MD; St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Keedysville, MD; and St. Michael Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD.
20 Pray for the members of Kinondoni Lutheran Church, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and their NGLS Partner Congregation, Bethel Lutheran Church, Ishpeming (Pastor Lauri Maki).
21 Pray for parents and students as they prepare for a new school year.
22 Pray for our Synod Leadership Support Committee as they meet today at Trinity Lutheran in Trout Creek.
23 Pray for teachers, bus drivers, administrators and staff as they prepare their rooms, offices and vehicles for the new school year.
24 Pray for Education and Youth Committees as they gear up for fall programs and reconnect with students who have been away for the summer.
25 Pray for our Synod Companion Synod Committee as they meet today at Messiah Lutheran in Marquette.
26 Pray for families who are taking “children” to college for the first time and missing them already.  May these young adults be safe and industrious in their studies and find a faith community in their new homes.
27 Pray for our NGLS Staff as they meeting today at our Synod Office and coordinate ministries within our Synod.
28 Pray for all of our ELCA Seminaries and for all ELCA congregations to encourage members to consider a career as Ministers of Word and Sacrament (Pastors) or Ministers of Word and Service (Deacons).
29 Pray for all our ELCA seminary students, especially those from our Synod: Micah Cavaleri, Pat Kempf, Carolyn Lawrence, Sarah Sleeter, and Kelly Ylitalo
30 Pray for all who are traveling this weekend and celebrating “the end of summer” with one last vacation or gathering with family and friends.
31 Pray for God’s Work, Our Hands planning teams as they put the final touches on plans for ministry projects around their communities and the world.

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