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Prayer Calendar for April 2019

01 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Linda Forray (4/8), Breanne Kinnunen (4/22), and Terry Frankenstein (4/23).
02 Pray for our Synod Hunger Committee as they meet in Escanaba today, and make plans for our Synod Assembly and other Hunger awareness activities.
03 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Linda Forray (4/3), Mark Bangert (4/13), George Kaiser (4/14), Nancy Kauppi (4/16), and KenRanos (4/20).
04 Pray for our Synod Constitution Committee as they meet in Marquette today and review constitutions from various congregations. Pray also for our Synod Lutheran Campus Ministry Team as they meet in Marquette today and make plans for the future of campus ministry in our Synod.
05 Pray for all who lead or participate in mid-week Lenten worships and other activities – that this journey leads them to greater faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
06 Pray for Delta Conference 6 as they meet for their Spring Gathering today at Calvary Lutheran Church, Rapid River.*** This meeting was moved to March 31. ***
07 Pray for youth throughout our Synod, especially those who are participating in the Marked! Event at Ascension Lutheran Church, Minocqua, today.
08 Pray for Pastor Jim Duehring, Assistant to the Bishop, as he attends Systems Academy today through April 10.
09 Pray for the members of Salem Lutheran Church, Jarrettsville, MD; Second English Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; Shepherd of the Glen Lutheran Church, Glenwood, MD; and Spirit of Life Lutheran Church, Wilmington, DE.
10 Pray for all of our Seminary Students, especially Micah Cavaleri, as they continue their preparation for rostered ministry.
11 Pray for our Northern Great Lakes Synod Staff as they meet today in Marquette and make plans for our ministries in our Synod and around the ELCA.
12 Pray for the members of Mbagala Lutheran Church, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and their NGLS mission partner Immanuel Lutheran Church, Rhinelander.
13 Pray for the members of the Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp Board of Directors as they meet today at the Camp and continue plans for the annual meeting and summer ministries.
14 Pray for Pastor Andrew Plocher and Messiah Lutheran Church, Marquette, as he is installed today as their Senior Pastor.
15 Pray for accountants, treasurers, and tax preparers as they work long hours helping others get their taxes sent in on time.
16 Pray for all of creationas God brings renewed life with the spring.
17 Pray for our Rostered Clergy, active and retired,who arecelebrating birthdays this month; Melinda Quivik (4/21), Doug Pohlman (4/24), Chrys Hendrick (4/28), Bob Patrick (4/29), and Amanda Kossow (4/29).
18 Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, pray that each of us may find joy and fulfillment in a life of service to others as disciples of our Savior, Jesus the Christ.
19 At the foot of the cross we see Jesus’ tortured body and feel his pain, yet at the same time we experience this as God’s greatest gift.  Pray that as you leave the cross you take the crucified Christ with you today.
20 As the day ends and darkness descends, we do not see light, yet we know the blazing light of Easter is about to burst forth. Pray for hope in all the dark times of our lives and the lives of our loved ones, as we remember that the life of the resurrected Christ shines light into our lives every day.
21 Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!   Alleluia! Say these words over and over – make this your breath prayer today and every day.  Thank God for the risen Christ today and every dayknowing that he is with you now and has prepared a place for you in his kingdom where you will live forever.        
22 Pray for this planet on Earth Day.  Pray that all people take care of this place God has entrusted to us and preserve it for future generations by recycling and conserving its resources.
23 Pray for the members of St. Abraham Lutheran Church, Beckleysville, MD; St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Dover, DE; and St. Benjamin Lutheran Church, Wesminster, MD.
24 Pray for our Synod Endowment Committee as they meet in Marquette tomorrow and make decisions for how these funds can extend ministry in new ways.
25 Pray for all those suffering from malaria and those in danger of contracting malaria today on World Malaria Day.
26 Pray for our Bi-Synodical Candidacy Committee as they meet at Bethany Lutheran Church, Norway, today. And pray for all candidates for rostered ministry as they prepare for interviews and calls from congregations and other ministry sites throughout the United States.
27 Pray for teachers and students as they prepare for and celebrate spring awards banquets, proms, and other events. Pray that their celebrations will be safe and sober events.
28 Pray for Lutheran Disaster Response and all of their partner ministries around the world. Pray also for the victims of natural and human-caused disasters.
29 Pray for all active-duty military personnel. Pray for their safety, their families who miss them so much, and for peace between nations that are currently at war.
30 Pray for our Northern Great Lakes Synod Staff as they meet today in Marquette.

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