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Prayer Calendar for January 2021

01 Pray that this New Year will be a year of growing as a faithful disciple of Jesus in all that you do. Pray that all followers will listen for the Spirit to guide them and to provide help in just the right places.
02 Pray for our United States Representatives and Senators, especially those newly elected, as they take their offices and serve our country and our states during challenging times. May they work with integrity, honesty, and compassion, sharing the yoke of service with one another and pulling together to get the job done.
03 Pray for pastors who celebrate birthdays this month: Greg Mileski (1/5), Tommy Richter (1/10), Doug Johnson (1/13), David Jensen (1/16), Margaret Johnson (1/24), Soren Schmidt (1/27), Renee MacLeod (1/30), and Fran Strong (1/30).
04 Pray for all those who are considering the call to serve as officers, council members, and in other elected offices of our congregations, parishes, synod, and churchwide ministries.
05 Pray for our Synod Staff – Heather, Betsy, Bishop Katherine, and Pastor Jim – as they work tirelessly to coordinate ministries throughout our Synod and with our mission partners around the ELCA and the world.
06 Epiphany … Pray that as the Magi brought gifts of great value to the newborn king, all people will be willing to give generously of their time and possessions for those who are in need.
07 Pray for our Synod Executive Committee as they meet today via Zoom. May they be inspired by the Holy Spirit as they continue to serve our Synod Council and our Synod during these challenging times.
08 Pray for pastors who celebrate the anniversary of their ordination this month: Kayla Keilholtz (1/4), Dennis Meyette (1/10), Margaret Johnson (1/17), Bethany Rutten-Kempees (1/21), Jesse Brown (1/22), Nicole Hanson-Lynn (1/25), & Jay Welshonse (1/29).
09 Pray for all congregations, their leaders, and their staff as they prepare for annual meetings and the ministry of the year to come. 
10 We celebrate the Baptism of our Lord! Pray for all who are baptized that we may show the love of our Lord to all the world.
11 Pray for Assistant to the Bishop, Pastor Jim Duehring, as he attends Systems Academy online January 11-13.
12 Pray for our ELCA Seminaries, professors, and students as they participate in J-term special programs and prepare for the spring semester.
13 Pray for the members of Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, Severna Park, MD; Peace Lutheran Church, Glen Burnie, MD; People’s Community Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Rosedale, MD.
14 Pray for the unemployed and underemployed that they may find the resources they need to keep them and their families warm and well-fed this winter.
15 Pray for all teachers who help to enlighten and shape our children’s lives with patience and kindness.
16 Pray for our Synod Council members as they meet today and as they pray, discuss, and discern our mission and ministry tasks in response to God’s blessings among us.
17 As we observe Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday tomorrow, pray for our nation – and our world – that divisions based on race, culture, and faith that still exist among us may be overcome, not by power and violence, but by love for all of God’s children.
18 The Confession of St. Peter – this day begins the week of prayer for Christian unity.  Pray for all who confess, as Peter did, that Jesus is the Messiah, that we may come together as partners in the work of the gospel.
19 Pray for bus drivers, truck drivers, and others who spend many hours on the road that they may be safe and alert as they travel, especially on slippery roads.
20 Pray for the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris. Pray for all who will serve beside them as cabinet members, legislators, ambassadors, and in other offices – that the well-being of our country, our world, and all who inhabit it will be their highest priorities.
21 Pray for animal shelters and their staff as they keep animals safe, healthy, and warm and prepare them for their forever families.
22 Pray for the homeless, that they may stay safe and warm as ice and snow continue to cover our landscape.
23 Pray for the members of Reformation Lutheran Church, Milford, DE; Saints Stephen and James Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD; Salem Lutheran Church (Battery Ave.), Baltimore, MD; and Salem Lutheran Church (Catonsville), Baltimore, MD.
24 Pray for ministries in transition and congregations who are seeking rostered leaders to serve them, especially Christ the King, Escanaba, and their Interim Pastor Dave Johnson.
25 Pray for those who are serving in Lutheran Campus Ministry, especially Pastor Bucky Beach, Pastor Bre Kinnunen, Pastor Tony Morrison and Pastor Sarah Semmler Smith as they meet on Zoom today to continue planning for ministry among college students in our Synod.
26 Pray for those who are struggling with gender orientation and identity issues and for their families. May we create a world where all are welcome and valued and supported with God’s love and grace.  
27 Pray for Deacon Lori Ward and those who teach Lifelong Faith Formation courses, that they and their students will grow in their faithfulness and service.
28 For those women, men, and children who are victims of domestic violence.  Keep them safe and heal their physical and emotional wounds. 
29 Pray for the members of Tabata Schule Lutheran Church, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and their NGLS mission partner Trinity Lutheran Church, Ishpeming.
30 Pray for those who suffer with depression and seasonal affective disorder – that they have the care they need during this long winter and the longer pandemic.
31 Pray for staff at medical facilities – kitchen workers, custodial crews, and other support staff who work tirelessly and often behind the scenes with little recognition. Pray also for the medical staff who have given so much during the last year.

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