Synod Resources

2020 Compensation Guidelines
2020 Salary Grid
2020 Salary Worksheet
Synod Constitution 2019
Faithful Innovations – Learning Communities of Jesus
Bishop’s Annual Report 2018
Time and Talents Inventory
Guidelines For Resolutions For 2019 (in pdf format)
LEAD Toolbox (in pdf format)
Synod Map (in pdf format) 
Handling Cash Funds (in pdf format) 
The Audit Committee (in pdf format) 
Clergy Sexual Misconduct Policy (in pdf format) 
Sexual Misconduct Prevention Brochure (in pdf format) 
Pulpit Supply List – updated February 2020 (in pdf format) 
LLM Guide (in pdf format – updated February 2018) 
Nomination For Synod Position Form
2016 Model Constitution for Congregations
Amendments to the 2016 Model Constitution


2019 Compensation Guidelines
2019 Salary Grid And Worksheet
2018 Compensation Guidelines
2018 Compensation Worksheet
Worship Witness Welcome Devotional Booklet – click to download 
2017 Bishop’s Annual Report
2017 Salary Grid
2017 Salary Worksheet
Letter concerning The Lutheran World Federation’s Augusta Victoria Hospital
Bishop’s 2015 Annual Report
Bishop’s Annual Report to Congregational Meetings 2016 – click to download
“Rise Up Together” Report by Pastor Katherine Finegan – click to read
2013 Congregation Constitution Amendments
2017 Compensation Guidelines
2017 Salary GridSynod Constitution 2013 Rev 3.16.2015 (in pdf format) 
2016 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format)
2016 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2015 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2015 Salary Worksheet (in pdf format)
2015 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format) 
Bishop’s 2015 Annual Report
2014 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format) 
2014 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2014 Salary Worksheet (in pdf format)
Synod Assembly Minutes 2013 (in pdf format) 
ELCA Summary of Congregational Statistics for 2012
2012 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format)
2013 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2013 Salary Worksheet (in pdf format)
2013 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format)
2012 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2012 Salary Worksheet (in pdf format)
Memo for 2012 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format) 
2012 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format) 
2011 Amendments to the Model Constitution for Congregations
2011 Compensation Guidelines (in pdf format) 
2011 Salary Grid (in pdf format)
2011 Salary Worksheet (in pdf format) 
2010 Compensation Guidelines, Salary Grid and Salary Worksheet (in pdf format) 
2009 Compensation Guidelines and Salary Grid (in pdf format) 
2009 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format)
2007 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format)
2006 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format)
2008 Salary Grid (in pdf format) 
2008 Compensation Worksheet (in pdf format) 
2008 Compensation Booklet (in pdf format) 
2006 Synod Flow Chart 2006 (in pdf format) 
2005 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format) 

2004 Assembly Minutes (in pdf format) 
Sexuality Conference 2002 – Revised 2003 (in pdf format) 

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